RMDA Delivers 2023 User Conference, New Board Announced

15.05.23 01:35 PM By Ashley

RMDA Delivers 2023 User Conference, New Board Announced

Business Thought Leaders and Restaurant and Delivery Technology Vendors Shared Expertise 

Scotch Plains, NJ – May 12, 2023 – The RMDA, today announced the recap of its 2023 annual conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

This year, attendees at the RMDA Conference were challenged to “reimagine tomorrow.” As such, the three days were packed with inspiring speakers who spoke to key digital marketing, advertising and the evolution of the restaurant industry.

“The business of delivery is primed to make incredible changes as we strategize around utilizing new tools and partnerships,” stated Trey Asbridge, president of RMDA. “The technological innovations and interoperability to streamline delivery is advancing to anticipate the needs of customers now and moving forward. RMDA is at the forefront of this and providing support for global success.” 

Keynotes included:

  • Dennis Yu, CEO BlitzMetrics Digital Marketing Masterclass, How to Build a Brand for $1 a Day

  • Adam Owen, Marketing Director, ARO Marketing Google Ad Best Practices

  • Caleb Guilliam, Founder, CEO BetterWealth Keynote: Wealth Efficiency, How to Manage your Money and Live Intentionally

  • Shawn Walchef, Founder, Restaurateur, Podcast Host CaliBBQ  Restaurant Evolution: Are You Prepared?

RMDA wants to thank the sponsors supporting the event including Checkr, Delivery.com, Lockton, Nash, Para, and countless exhibitors.  At its core, RMDA is about dialogue, sharing best practices, and building connections among the members and partners. The 2023 conference included close to 200 registered members and partners for three full days of insightful keynotes, interactive panel discussions, product demonstrations, vendor showcase and working whiteboard sessions. 

The meeting concluded with an announcement on newly elected board members. The new board assembled on May 7th to select the executive officers. Congratulations to new officials including: 

  • President - Trey Asbridge, owner of DeliverMe

  • Vice President - Maurice Mercer, owner of Birmingham based KatsDelivery.com

  • Secretary - Heather Rideaux, CEO of The RedWagon Delivers

  • Treasurer - Jennifer Kalmbach, CEO of Tampa based MobileMeals.com

The officers are joined by returning member Ruston Hicks, owner of Texas To Go and CEO of Let’s Do Delivery of Delivery.com and newly elected members, Neal Cobb, co-founder and VP of Customer Success of Skipcart and Paul Birrell, owner of Deliverynow.

“Overall, this is an exciting time for The RMDA as we specialize in Local Delivery, at large. We actively deliver orders in over 15000 zip codes across the nation, leveraging the fourth largest fleet behind the national providers, and provide channel partners to access a fleet of over 30,000 drivers with a single API and single invoice,” added Asbridge.

About The RMDA

The RMDA is comprised of 550 members across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK. Together, we represent a staggering $550 million in revenue, making the organization the fourth largest delivery fleet, behind that of Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub.