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By Alison Guzzio (Administrator) on 04/25/2022 11:36 AM

LocalDelivery provides quick and easy online ordering from favorite local restaurants, delivered by local and trusted delivery drivers

April 25, 2022 - Austin, TX - Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association (RMDA) announced today the launch of its consumer app, LocalDelivery.  The new online marketplace has been created to build sustainable local economies by matching consumers with their favorite food and beverages from local restaurants and exclusively delivered by local service providers.

The RMDA has a membership of 550+ Restaurant Delivery Services (RDS), each one locally owned and operated, doing business in approximately 700 cities. The RMDA aims to help support these independent business owners and the (need # +restaurants) in which they serve, to flourish and prosper as a business as well as driving the best experience for the local customers they serve.

Delivery has become the lifeblood of restaurants. But over the past two years, with the rise in opportunity for wall street-backed players, the commitment to local has fallen short. “The app is the latest example of RMDA’s continued commitment to innovating within the legacy-oriented restaurant industry,” stated Andrew Simmons, president of RMDA. “Being at the forefront of improving the ways restaurants manage delivery is among the values that drives all of us at RMDA to introduce products like this.”

These businesses are locally owned and operated providers who live, work, and play in the communities in which they serve. Many are involved in local organizations, government and have a major influence on their neighborhoods. 

“The pandemic has fundamentally changed how we all order food and how we value our communities,” stated Shiva Srinivasan, CEO of Zuppler. “Zuppler chose to partner with the RMDA to build LocalDelivery, essentially creating scalable pop-up ecommerce stores for small businesses such as cafes, restaurants, caterers, breweries, beer shops and more. Connecting the delivery drivers to this local marketplace closes the loop on commitment to our own communities.”

The 24-7 on-the-go app is simple to use and follows four easy steps. Submit an address, make a restaurant selection, order items, and the delivery is matched to a local DSPs to guarantee high quality.  The general availability of the free mobile application will be launched soon.

About The RMDA

The RMDA is comprised of 500+ members across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK. Together, the RMDA represents a staggering $550 Million in revenue, making it the largest privately owned and operated food delivery network in the US.

About Zuppler

Founded more than a decade ago in Conshohocken, PA, Zuppler is a global software and services company supporting businesses in the food and delivery service industry by providing custom branded online ordering systems for its clients. The Zuppler tools allow restaurants and delivery service providers to control their customer relationship, own their customer data as well as significantly drive profit and growth, with no risk. Offerings include custom branded online ordering menus, food ordering marketplaces, Google food ordering integration, mobile apps, delivery management, and more. Zuppler’s technology is being utilized in over 6,000 businesses worldwide and is growing quickly. Zuppler was recently named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the greater Philadelphia region; listed at #25 on the Philadelphia100 forum. For more information,