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The RMDA has a membership of 550+ Restaurant Delivery Services, each one locally owned and operated, doing over $500 million in combined sales each year, in approximately 700 cities.

Through group purchasing and marketing efforts, we are able to do more with our dollars than we can individually, helping each other succeed and grow.

We help facilitate national partnerships with restauranteurs, provide discounts and services to service businesses, and arrange deals with large companies for better buying power. 

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Membership BENEFITS

  Access to tools usually only available to the Big Four services
   Competitive research when planning new areas 
  Nationwide jobs board for recruiting drivers
  Invitation to the RMDA2022 Conference in Nashville, TN April 24-27th
  Network with other RDS Members to share best practices

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Andrew Simmons, President

Ashley Campos, VP

Trey Asbridge, Secretary

Jeff Sasse, Treasurer 

Justin Greene

Molly Martin

Maurice Mercer

Ruston Hicks
Immediate Past President

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The RMDA support local independent Restaurant Delivery Service providers locally and internationally, giving members the ability to compete on a level playing field against the big national funded companies. 

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